BIORAY Announces BIORAY KIDS Product Line Now Available At Sprouts Markets

Recently Released Line of Herbal Dietary Supplements Designed for Children Continues Impressive Growth with Distribution Plans through Sprouts Markets 190 Locations.

Bioray Inc, manufacturer of liquid herbal tinctures designed to maintain health by supporting organ function and removing toxins, announced that its popular line of children’s products, BIORAY Kids, are now available for purchase at all Sprouts Markets throughout the US.

“We are very excited to see our BIORAY® Kids products now being carried at Sprouts. I was a fan of Sprouts long before they started carrying our products,” said Bioray CEO Stephanie Ray. “Their commitment to carrying high quality produce with many organic options in conjunction with their selections of nutritional supplements and obvious dedication to offering healthy food options, makes Sprouts a popular choice for health conscious individuals. With similar philosophies towards health and sustainability, BIORAY Kids and Sprouts is a natural fit.”

BIORAY Kids product line consists of four products including NDF® CALM, NDF® SHINE, NDF® FOCUS and NDF® HAPPY. The products each contain unique ingredients to support different organ systems and remove environmental toxins. Parents are more aware of how toxins found in food, water, clothing, toys, school supplies, vaccinations and more are adversely affecting their children’s health.  As these toxins accumulate, they may play a role in many of the childhood developmental issues commonly found across the country.

Sprouts Markets, with 190 store locations at the end of Q4 in 2014, over 17,000 team members and 3 distribution centers, is a growing force for consumers looking for quality produce, groceries and other green, sustainable products.  The addition of the BIORAY Kids product line to their nutritional supplement department is indicative of the general public’s desire to find natural health solutions for their children. Traditional Chinese herbalism, which the BIORAY and BIORAY Kids products are based on, has significantly increased in popularity as research continues to support its effectiveness.  

“At BIORAY kids we believe your child can have the best of both worlds ~ eastern and western - as both have value. Our mission is to educate people so they can get the most value for their family. It is our job as parents, as business owners, as grocery store managers, clerks and cashiers to make sure our children are properly supported with safe and effective options to nourish their mind, body and spirit. BIORAY Kids and Sprouts together make this goal a tangible reality; which makes life easier for the moms and dads who shop at Sprouts and take an active role in their children’s health,” said Ray.

For more information about BIORAY, the Natural Detox Company, and BIORAY Kids please visit and or call 888-635-9582.  You can also follow BIORAY Kids Facebook Page For more information on how to find a Sprouts location near you please visit


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