Para La Salud De Niños- Bioray Kids offers Childrens Health Guide En Espanol

With projected growth in Hispanic demographic, BIORAY Kids line of all natural, liquid detoxification products begins marketing campaign to inform Spanish speaking parents of environmental toxicity risks.

BIORAY® Kids, the popular manufacturer of liquid herbal drops for children, has announced plans to boost market share by promoting their line of products to the Spanish speaking community.  With one PEW Research Center study estimating there are 37.6 million Spanish speakers in the United States, the announcement is good news for Hispanic families looking for all natural options to support their children’s health.

“At Bioray, we have always been advocates for children’s health. We provide sensible information with simple solutions to educate parents about the potential dangers environmental toxins can have on their child’s health and development. We are happy to announce this information is now available in Spanish to expand our efforts. This move simply means more parents can be educated on the potential risks their children face and provide them with easy solutions,” said BIORAY® Kids President and CEO, Stephanie Ray.

Increased Risks for Hispanic Children

Many studies show Hispanic children have a higher risk of developmental and other health issues due to environmental toxin exposure. According to the US Census Bureau, 90% of Hispanic families in the United States live in metropolitan areas. One study conducted by the Journal of Pediatric Health Care found that Hispanic children are three times more likely than Non Hispanic White children to live where air quality standards for air pollutants are worst, (31.4% vs. 10.6%). Nearly one third of Hispanic children live in counties where hazardous air pollutant concentrations exceed risk levels which can interfere with healthy cellular function. Frequent exposure to toxins through pesticide use in agricultural communities also serve as additional cause for concern for Hispanic Children.

Pesticide Exposure Compromises Normal Development

Children and infants are especially vulnerable to the adverse effects of environmental toxins through pesticides and other sources because of their physiological immaturity and greater likelihood to exposure.  Toxins not only block children’s ability to absorb nutrients but also negatively impact developmental processes causing angry outburst, frustration, fatigue and sluggishness, fluctuation with moods and behaviors and inability to focus, concentrate and finish work.

The Bioray Kids Solution: Naturally Supporting Kids Health

The BIORAY® Kids line, which consists of four unique products, was specifically designed to nourish the organ systems, support a healthy stress response and remove environmental toxins that can affect a child’s overall health and development. NDF CALM supports healthy moods, restores emotional balance, restful sleep and helps kids deal with stress. NDF SHINE decreases tummy issues and improves speech and communication. NDF FOCUS supports cognitive function, enhances clarity, promotes steady energy levels and decreases seasonal runny nose and itchiness.  NDF HAPPY reduces angry outbursts, supports healthy moods and improves sleep.

“Childhood developmental issues are affecting children worldwide, no matter what race, economic situation, education level of parents and no matter what language is spoken.  As a company, we pride ourself on the work we do on behalf of children everywhere. The decision to provide BIORAY Kids information in Spanish was an easy one,” said Ray.

For more information about safe detoxification products for children please visit or call 888-635-9582. You can also find Bioray and Bioray Kids on Facebook and Twitter.   


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