Bioray Warns Public of Adrenal Exhaustion; Offers Simple Solutions

Most Americans experience adrenal exhaustion on a daily basis. In fact, those who experience frequent energy "crashes" or feeling as if they could fall asleep at their desk can probably assume that fatigue and lack of energy can be directly linked to depleted adrenal function.

Bioray Inc in Laguna Hills California, a manufacturer of liquid herbal supplements, issued a warning in its most recent newsletter about the facts and inherent dangers of adrenal exhaustion.  

“Many factors that lead to depleted adrenal function are now what most Americans simply consider part of daily life.  Starting the day with a large mug of coffee, adding in caffeinated drinks not too far after and ending the day with a nice cocktail is now considered business as usual for many Americans. Snacking throughout the day on sugary sweets or empty calorie, carbohydrate laden food and not getting enough sleep doesn’t help either, “said Bioray President Stephanie Ray.  “Feeling irritable and not handling stress well, whether it’s good or bad stress, is a sign that your adrenals could use some support.”

Adrenal stress is not something new.  Dr. John Tintera, a doctor who specialized in adrenal function, surmised back in 1969 that 66% of the public could be classified as having severe adrenal exhaustion. Long before the advent of the internet, mobile phones and online gaming, Dr. Tintera proposed that the lack of physical education and exercise in public schools could carry with it negative health effects.

“A quick 10 minute mental break or short walk can do wonders to support the body in times of stress. Without that rest and reset - daily stresses in conjunction with dietary factors can throw our system out of balance, affecting the sympathetic nervous system and adrenal function.” said Ray.

Bioray, whose Loving Energy herbal remedy is an all-natural restorative tonic, favored by practitioners to support proper adrenal function, is well aware of the signs of adrenal depletion. Anxious feelings, excessive sugar or salt cravings, low self esteem due to low energy output and sensitivity to lights or loud noises can all be attributed to exhausted adrenal glands.

In Traditional Chinese herbalism, adrenal exhaustion is often a deficiency of the kidneys and requires “yin” building herbs. Solomon seal root is a favorite kidney yin herb, also well known as a restorative for mental vitality. Eleuthero root helps increase mental and physical endurance and is commonly used by Russian Olympic athletes. Reishi mushroom is a superior “king herb” that supports the nervous system and has anti-stress activity. Schizandra berries help with relaxation and staying alert. All of these and other adaptogenic herbs, found in Loving Energy, have a long history in Chinese herbalism. Safe for adults and children alike, refueling our organs is a requirement for staying healthy.

“Choosing food that doesn’t spike blood sugar levels, staying well hydrated, getting enough sleep and moderate exercise, and taking adaptogenic herbal remedies like Loving Energy, can help people replenish adrenal energy,” said Ray.  


Balance your energy and hug your taste buds by adding 1 - 3 droppers of Loving Energy to your favorite hot or cold beverage for a quick “pick me up!” Here are some of Bioray’s adrenal support recipes.

  • Coffee: Add Loving Energy to your cup of coffee to balance its negative effects on hormones. With a little bit of cream (vanilla almond milk or coconut milk works great for this!), this combination tastes like Kahlua and Cream.

  • Hot Tea: Due to the licorice and schizandra berries, Loving Energy tastes delicious and can be added to hot water and consumed as a hot tea or add to any tea of your choice.

  • Water or Smoothie: Add Loving Energy to your water or fruit & veggie smoothie in the morning before hitting the gym or any time throughout the day to balance your energy.  

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