BIORAY Releases NDF Mouth Rinse as the Mercury Toxicity Debate Rages On

More than 100 million Americans have silver amalgam fillings in their teeth. According to the FDA, approximately half of each dental amalgam filling is liquid mercury and the other half is a powdered alloy of silver, tin, and copper.

Bioray Inc, the company known for their liquid based, natural detox products, has announced the release of a new product to their current product line. NDF® Mouth Rinse was created to bind to mercury released from amalgam fillings in the mouth while keeping the breath fresh and the teeth and gums squeaky clean.

With widespread speculation regarding the safety of mercury, and studies suggesting negative health effects, NDF Mouth Rinse from Bioray offers support for individuals with amalgam fillings.  Safe amalgam removal with less toxic dental materials is in high demand today. This puts dentists, their staff, and the patient at risk of exposure to mercury.

Mercury Vapor- Hazardous to Health?

According to one study, a person with amalgam fillings inhales or exhales between 1 – 50 ppb mercury vapor per breathe or swallow per mouthful of chewed food per meal per day. According to the ACGIH peak limit of exposure for women of childbearing age is 1.21 ppb mercury, eating anything more than one-half of one mouthful of food at a time, or more than 2 mouthfuls in an eight hour period, would be out of the question and recognized as unsafe according to the lowest levels detected during this study. That’s not enough food per day for any adult, and especially not enough for a pregnant woman. Previously the situation offered little acceptable options until now.

Clinical Findings

A study conducted using the Genesis Labs AAS (atomic absorption spectroscopy) Hg253 mercury vapor analyzer shows that NDF® Mouth Rinse binds with 100% of the mercury vapor released in the oral cavity from silver amalgam fillings.  Additionally, dentists report rapid and substantial improvements in periodontal tissue in patients who use NDF® Mouth Rinse regularly.*

With a unique formulation which includes 28 naturally occurring phytonutrients and amino acids, NDF® Mouth Rinse helps to promote healthy saliva pH, healthy gum tissue circulation and healthy oral microflora. Manufactured using all natural ingredients with no added colors, no artificial flavors, no saccharin, no gluten, dairy or soy and no animal based ingredients. NDF Mouth Rinse is a excellent option for those concerned with the risks of toxic heavy metal and chemical exposure from dental fillings.  

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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