BIORAY Kids, maker of herbal supplements for children, Announces Website Makeover

A favorite among parents who use natural herbal supplements for kids, the company announced a website makeover as part of an overall brand update to better reflect the companies vision of health, vitality and creative expression in kids.

Popular Children’s Nutritional Supplement Manufacturer BIORAY® kids announced their website has a brand new look. 

Bioray Opertions Manager Paul Mobley stated, “We are thrilled with the new visuals and features of the website. We feel that, overall, the entire look and layout is far more easier to navigate and offers users an easier way to get important information about the BIORAY® kids line. BIORAY® kids customers are typically educated and savvy regarding product formulations and have especially shown interest in products that contain organic ingredients.  Being able to offer a user friendly platform that easily communicates our proven ingredients and formulations is a win/win for everyone across the board.”

The BIORAY® kids products, which are all rooted in concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine, has experienced swift growth, as parents are frequently looking for ways to monitor their kids health in a world increasingly loaded with toxins. Now widely found in retail across the country, BIORAY® kids recently landed in Mother’s Markets in Southern California as well as Whole Foods Stores in some Eastern Markets.

The four BIORAY® kids products include NDF CALM, NDF SHINE, NDF FOCUS and NDF HAPPY. Each contain unique, specific ingredients to address different concerns as more children are being affected by the growing number of toxins found in food, tap water, clothing, plastics and a wide range of other common environmental toxins.

"I created BIORAY® kids so parents can have ease in their life. When their children are taking BIORAY® kids products, they do not have to worry so much. I wanted the Bioray kids website to reflect that same attitude and I think we have accomplished just that. The product visuals, features and benefits are clear and easy to navigate. We are elated with the new look," said Bioray President and CEO Stephanie Ray.

Bioray Inc. has long been known for their involvement with children’s health and has working partnerships with children’s health advocacy groups Generation Rescue and Healthy Child Healthy World. With mounting evidence that some common health issues in kids may be linked to environmental toxins, the timing and growth of BIORAY® products populatrity is no coincidence.  One recent study suggests the presence of mercury is dramatically underreported while health issues that affect children in the US reach pandemic levels.

With the rising tide of health awareness for adults and children alike, expect to see more BIORAY® and BIORAY® kids products in the coming months.  


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